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Discussion in 'Hero and Jerk of the Day' started by Barrudaki, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Barrudaki

    Barrudaki Well-Known Member

    I don't have a picture for this because I was too busy being floored by the lack of consideration. I went to fill up my tank this morning and pulled into a Gulf gas station in Taunton that had unleaded for $3.89. I pull in behind a Dark Blue Dodge Durango only to see this idiot was not pumping gas but he was parked in the gas lane taking up space so no one could pump gas behind his vehicle or in front of his vehicle. He was in the conveient store part buying stuff and chatting it up with the cashier. I know the gas station is small but it does have a parking lot on the freakin' side for people who aren't buying gas. This jerk took up space in the gas lanes and then didn't even leave room for anyone to pump gas and he parked his SUV in such a way that no one could get around him, if someone needed to get on the other side of him they would have to back up and come in the other side of the gas station. What an idiot!
  2. kendan

    kendan Mid TN Hypermiler!

    I have noticed drivers of Dodge SUV's and trucks can be especially arrogant! (Yeah, it's got a Hemi!) You mean semi as in semi-brain! I get tired of these twits acting like the world revolves around them.
  3. SadClown

    SadClown Active Member

    Careful now, we don't want to start sounding as if the world revolves around us do we?
    In WV we have to pre-pay for gas before we pump unless using a card, the gas station forces you to take up space at the pump while inside. If we would have them fill up then drive to a parking space to get their junk food, wouldn’t that be going against hypermiling?
  4. hazeldazel

    hazeldazel Well-Known Member

    Sorry about the selfish jerk, like hello! The universe does not revolve around you, knuclehead! Wow, only $3.89 a gallon?!?!?! I can't remember when gas here was under $4.00! :)
  5. Barrudaki

    Barrudaki Well-Known Member

    I don't think you understand the guy did not stop for gas at all. The way he was parked he parked beside the gas pumps but in such a way that both ends of his truck took up space making it impossible for anyone on that side to get gas and he parked far from the pump,it was obvious he did not stop for gas. The area he was parked in is between the gas pump and the building and it is a small space. If someone were parked close enough to the pump then another small car could get around them but this guy was not parked close enough to the pumps to get gas, he was parked preventing people for getting gas or going around his vehicle. He wasn't buying gas he stopped in to get coffee and some food at least that is what I could see in his hands. He was NOT parked in the gas pump area to get gas. He was just too lazy to pull around the corner and park his SUV in the proper parking spaces for non-gas customers.
  6. Shiba3420

    Shiba3420 Well-Known Member

    I was thinking...the problem with the world today is ever decreasing numbers of torches and pitchforks :)
  7. WheresMyGas

    WheresMyGas Member

    Inconsiderate? yes.

    Easy to solve? also yes.

    "excuse me. Are you pumping gas? no? could you move your vehicle so I could get some gas?"

    yes: Thank you

    no: I park in front of the vehicle and see if the pump stretches enough to reach my tank. I hear they can reach the opposite side of your car (never tried to).
  8. sailordave

    sailordave Well-Known Member

    Guess I'm weird. If I have to get gas and snacks at the convience store I get the gas first paying at the pump. I then drive to a parking space, park, then go inside to choose my snacks or whatever I need. Can usually find some interesting items in some of those stores so I like to take my time. Mostly I look for a local bakery's pies. Think of Hostess fruit pies but with little to no icing and a better flavor since it's locally made from natural ingredients. They're evil. You got your inch thick gingerbread, your coconut pie, your sweet potato pie, and oh I'm getting hungry. I'll see if they have a website.
  9. sailordave

    sailordave Well-Known Member

  10. Barrudaki

    Barrudaki Well-Known Member

    Some gas stations do have the long pumps that will reach, the one I went to doesn't. This guy was too far from the pumps to be pumping gas and going into the store to get stuff. He parked in such away that would keep others from getting to both pumps or going around him. If he was getting gas I can see him parked at one pump but he wasn't parked at either he was parked between them.
  11. SadClown

    SadClown Active Member

    Sorry about that, I think I was having a bad day at the office. In WV our gas stations and parking lots have plenty of room. I used to drive a little crx and still had problems finding a spot that wouldn't risk my car doors getting beat to hell in VA/MD. If the guy was just parking then I say chain his axles to his wheels and don’t leave him the key. Its kind of like a redneck boot.
  12. Barrudaki

    Barrudaki Well-Known Member

    No worries I had a feeling I wasn't explaing it right. I think I may try to get a picture of the area to put up so everyone can have a better idea about it.

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