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  1. ILAveo

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    I don't have a picture so I'll have to describe the scenario: I wasn't even really hypermiling. I was doing 57 (the prevailing speed) in a 55 zone in two way traffic on US 61 in the company truck on my way home from an incident at the flood disaster area in Oakville IA when a semi pulling a sea container decided to draft me at about 8 feet. I gestured with my open hand in the back window for the driver to back off, so he pulled up to 5(?) feet:rolleyes:. Since I wanted to be going slow if I got run off the road, I slowed my speed to about 40 and he got closer yet.

    Then the "good" part, I wanted to get his license number from the plate in his windshield so I reached for my clipboard and pen. He saw me, reached over and flipped his plate down. That got me worried what he would do next, so I flipped open my cell phone, showed it to him in the back window and pretended to dial and talk. He backed off a little then and I increased my speed back to 55. About a mile later he passed me on the double yellow in the middle of a major highway intersection. His door decal with company name, ICC # etc. were too faded to be sure whose truck it was but it bore a resemblance to "Proficient Transport." [Mods should feel free to delete that last sentence]. His trailer had Maine plates, but I suppose sea container trailers are hard to track back to individual drivers.

    Anyhow, when I passed him an hour later as he was exiting on I280, his license plate was back in the window.
  2. lightfoot

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    Logo like this?:

    HQ is Minooka, IL

    Maybe they'd be interested in their drivers' antics and could figure out who from date, time, and location? Some trucking co's have tracking equipment in their trucks and/or satellite-based tracking.
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    Hi All,

    Was this guy driving a Black Volvo perchance? I was badly tailgated at 45 mph, in a 45 mph work zone by a Black Volvo tractor pulling a flat bed trailer with a Minooka address.
  4. ILAveo

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    The logo looked faded, but seemed to match the one on Proficient's website. The tractor was red, I don't remember what make. The driver was a white guy with a goatee. Looking back on it, it seems like it was probably a third string driver operating a third string rig.
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    Sorry, haven't heard the phrase "sea containers" before, but I'm assuming you are talking about those shipping containers that stack and are readily carried by ship, rail, and truck.
    Depending on the trucking company, some of those things are like fed-ex give them a number and a time, they know exactly where it was and with who.

    Its a shame you didn't call. Hiding that plate could have provided a massive fine on top of anything else they might have cited him for.

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