Tradesman Challenge (4MPG increase in Cargo Van)

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by rocketsurgeon, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. rocketsurgeon

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    I would just like to challenge other tradesman out there to give hypermiling a shot. We are the ones who spend the 'big' money because we are often forced to choose from 3 gas guzzling dinosaurs for practical work vehicles.

    I have a 1986 G30 V8 350 chevy cargo van. I 'tried out' hypermiling on my last tank of gas. The results were eye opening ---- a 4MPG increase.

    From 14MPG to 18MPG - IMPERIAL GALLON. American would be 10 to 14 MPG.
    About 50 percent city 50 percent highway


    Methods I use:

    - Nice easy acceleration from dead stops.
    - Coast as much as possible. Fortunately NO ONE likes being behind a VAN, so often you will be able to coast to lights without 'honking' off people behind you.
    - Go the speed limit in the city and highway.
    - Do not engage the 4barrel under any circumstance short of certain death.

    Adopting these small driving habits was quite easy to adapt to.

    I spend about 12,000 dollars a year on fuel. More money is my pocket is excellent motivation.

    I am 'shooting' for 20 MPG.... Might be a long shot... Maybe bringing my tires up to highest recommended setting will help eek out a few more.

    It's quite a bit of fun actually. Breaks up the monotony of the daily commute. Quite interesting to see the bad habits of other drivers becoming very apparent when you start hypermiling.

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  2. JusBringIt

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    Welcome to cleanmpg. It's great to see members who see the value in the information and that in the end, it's something that brings us all together to see things from a different point of view and enjoy life in general a bit more.

    We're glad that you're sharing your tips and I'm sure plenty will find your tips helpful. If more mass users like yourself and subsidiaries get involved, that saves fuel on an even greater scale.

    It is very true how the bad habits of other drivers become more visible looking on as a hypermiler. It is these bad habits that end up in anything from fender benders to pile-ups. we have fun while saving money, it's a hobby for some and for others...well, it makes the ride enjoyable, it makes you comfortable getting behind the wheel because you know exactly how far you will go and you budget for it. There are so many benefits of hypermiling wayne never told us about, but here we are enjoying them. It's time we start acting as individual intelligent minds that come together to shake the universe the right way instead of divided fools that cause their own consummation. We don't need shepherds to guide us 24/7.
  3. rocketsurgeon

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    Every little bit helps!

    Gas will likely not be making any major drops anytime soon and most likely will be on the rise to European levels.

    A good idea to become more efficient now. Practice for when we have no choice in the matter.

    Until Honda or Toyota starts pounding out some full size cargo vans it looks like I am the position of making 'terrible gas mileage' into 'still bad' gas mileage.

    I am confident that hypermiling will see a rapid growth in the next few years. It takes very little arm twisting to talk the average joe/jane into saving money.

    Rocket Surgeon
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    welcome, rocket surgeon. you have a great attitude and can see that even a vehicle like yours can do better! :)

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