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Discussion in 'Hero and Jerk of the Day' started by sailordave, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. sailordave

    sailordave Well-Known Member

    Driving into work I came across several jerks. The first were a group of drivers who felt the need to come to a complete, or almost complete stop before turning right on green. Naturally I was stuck with the red once they all turned right. The next jerk was in a Volvo station wagon, think it was an S70. This selfish individual cut me off then slammed on the brakes so he could jump into a Circle K. Guess getting in the right hand lane ahead of time is just too considerate and time consuming for him. Even better would have been for him to turn right at the light and then turn left into the Circle K since that section of the road has little to no traffic. However, the road he was on when he turned right is a very busy road and he forced traffic to stop right at a lighted intersection so he could get his very important Circle K items which may be cigarettes and coffee.
  2. sschluter

    sschluter New Member

    Sorry to hear about the drive to work, we used to live in Baltimore so I can relate to the ignorant drivers on the road. Maybe one day we can get the word out or even start with drivers ed having better education not only on defense driving but courteous driving along with hypermiling techniques to save $$$.
    We now live in Montana and on the drive up the mountain to work we had some moose in the road, deer and even some cows on our 75 mile drive, but only one person driving the other way.
  3. kendan

    kendan Mid TN Hypermiler!

    Well, encountered my least favorite type of jerk. The "oblivious to anything beyond their front bumber" jerk! These twits never can see more than 2 feet beyond their car, except if it's a Starbucks, convenience store, etc. It amazes me more of these morons don't cause multi-car pileups!
  4. brother

    brother Well-Known Member

    You didn't know?
    The world revolves around these idiots; the rest of us are obliged to get out of their way, since we're just here wasting space in their world with nothing important to do.
  5. psychojuggalo17

    psychojuggalo17 Well-Known Member

    ive had a few of those. plus tun signals dont seem to work in louisiana. must be the humidity.

    what part of montana r u in, sschluter? i lived in billings most of my life. watch out for deer or moose, because not only will they stand in the road, and stare blankly, wondering what the bright lights and loud noise is, but they will actually run into the side of your car. had it happen to quite a few friends. doesnt do as much damage, but swerving n overcorrecting will do more damage than a head on annihilation.

    beware! deer go thu puberty and the emothional swings with it! suicide rates among adolescent deer are amazingly high!
  6. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my time with my turn signals...I feel out of place.
  7. kwj

    kwj I hypermiled this

    "Sorry to hear about the drive to work, we used to live in Baltimore so I can relate to the ignorant drivers on the road."

    I've driven in every state except for Alaska and Hawaii, and I believe there are ignorant drivers everywhere. It is irrational to blame it all on Charm City.
  8. fixedintime

    fixedintime Well-Known Member

    My wife once got a warning from a cop because she pulled out in front of someone who did not make the turn even though he had his turn signal on. It turns out in Maryland there is no law that says that if you put your turn signal on you have to turn. My question has always been: if the signal tells me nothing why am I required to use it?
  9. Shiba3420

    Shiba3420 Well-Known Member

    Actually I beleive there is...indirectly. The usual "improper use of turn signal" would cover the person failing to use their signal correctly whether it be from lack of use, or signalling and not turning. The old arguement I always here is, "the signal indicates a turn, but doesn't indicate where". You would think that if you are at a T intersecion with nothing else for miles, that the signal must be for the only possible turn, but maybe the person isn't going to turn, but just pull off the road after the interseciton.
  10. SadClown

    SadClown Active Member

    I will have to admit, I to get frustrated with the drivers that jump in front of you then slam the brakes. Had one my self this morning. Honda Civic went from far left to exit ramp in about 100 feet, slamming his brakes on in front of me to even make the ramp before he took out the barrels. Look at it on the bright side, with him being so close to my front bumper; I got a really good draft.

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