Favorable article published in Long Island Press 07/17/08

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    Wayne and I were interviewed by reporter Alex Spanko of the Long Island Press. The article runs today 7/17 in that paper. The article is well written and well researched, and has the CleanMPG website referenced. Hopefully, we will add a few more Long Islanders to our burgeoning ranks!

    Since the overall tone is that hypermiling is something we all can do, with our current vehicles on our current routes, I think this is an excellent article that will encourage Long Islanders to embrace the concept. The reporter concludes that he tried the techniques with his own daily driver. He recorded an increase of 22% (from 17 to 20.8) and listed the savings of $16 on the tank. On Long Island, where two FSPs in every driveway is the rule rather than the exception, this favorable press coverage has a good chance of making a real difference for a lot of people.

    So my thanks go to Wayne and all the moderators of CleanMPG, whose determination and hard work make this sharing of information possible, and to Alex Spanko and the Long Island Press, for covering hypermiling in a way that encourages people to try it and make a real difference in their daily fuel usage.

    Link to the article below (look for the sub-heading "Beating The Hypermiling Hype" about 2/3 of the way down the page).

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    Good article.
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    excellent. well written, with just enough of a touch of humor. and debunking the AAA myths was good, too. you can be proud of that one. :D

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