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  1. I was entering a few months' worth of fuel tanks for my car today and noticed that the check boxes for indicating which techniques you used on a particular tank might be in need of refreshing. The word "Drafting" or "Draft" appears in 5 of 15 techniques. Given that drafting is one of the techniques we recommend against and one of the points of contention with the AAA article, perhaps this isn't the image we want to project?

    Also, what about newer techniques such as SHM in the Prius? I read the piece on Wayne's trip from Chicago to NYC and it looked like he used SHM, but I don't see it in the list of techniques to choose from.

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    Hi Chris:

    ___A few members have talked about this but the way I look at it, if you are within 2 seconds of another driver, you are in a multitude of drafting scenarios. I do not know of any driver who has never been in a close-in but some will hold that thought to their graves. Traffic in any major city places you in each scenario unless you have the opportunity to stay completely away from the non-sense to begin with.

    ___SHM may be a good one but it is a very lightly loaded DWL technique and one most Prius drivers have transitioned through whether they know it or not?

    ___Good Luck


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