Yaris 2008 new and loving it

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by lancerphoto@mac.com, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. lancerphoto@mac.com

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    Hi group my name is Charles I own a 2008 Toyota Yaris.
    I am a landman for big oil an gas and I drive about 4,500 miles a month.
    in 8 months I have put about 36000 miles on my car.
    before I found this site I was a light foot who would coast down hills in neutral.
    The reason I did this was because I am paid per mile so the better MPG I get the bigger my Paycheck.
    Anyway I am now going to implement other hyper-tools to try my hand.

    kindest regards, C
  2. sailordave

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    What part of the country do you live in? I'm in Lafayette, Louisiana which use to be a real big oil town. Dad and two uncles worked for oil companies. Dad worked for Dresser-Guiberson before they were bought out by Halliburton, he still works there until he retires in a few years.
  3. xcel

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    Hi C:

    ___Welcome to CleanMPG and it is great to see you have discovered a way to make a lot more money while earning money at the same time!

    ___Owning a Yaris was extremely smart given its fuel economy plus its total cost of ownership is top notch here in the US. What kind of FE are you receiving in it by the way?

    ___Good Luck


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