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    Yesterday, I was traveling down a main street in town, three lanes each way. I come up on a chrysler mini-van with both side doors open. It was a least 102 Deg. really hot so I get up next to the van and to my suprise the van has four kids in the back. They had seat belts on but still a heck of a risk to take because the AC is busted. In Sacramento it is a running joke that a "Red Light" is just a suggestion... a guy blowin' a light would have wiped out the whole family!!!
  2. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    So much for side impact protection. So much for a good portion of its structural integrity in general, I bet. There's a good reason that first responders have to cut the doors out of so many cars after a serious accident: they form an integral component of the car's structure.
  3. JusBringIt

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    wow...just unbelievable.
  4. AlphabetBackward


    With the way the skies are looking, I'd rather not have those windows open.
  5. ATL

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    and to think, I keep my windows up most of the time to keep the drag down... having the whole door open has to be a noticeable FE hit
  6. kwj

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    Okay, so people can still surprise some people.
  7. ikea4532

    ikea4532 ikea4532

    NO SH!T,
    I was picking my boy up from daycare last night and sure enough this mini van driver and had newborn to 3-4 year old babies in it kept the side door open! I was wondering if anyone knew of a call center to report these idiots? I work in harrisburg, pa it was not that hot out to keep the door open!
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  8. PILL

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    I take my doors off of my Jeep most of the time and drive doorless, but at least my car has a non unibody frame that doesn't use the doors for structural strength.
  9. gfdengine204

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    The number to call in a case like this, at least in my professional opinion, is 9-1-1. This is the type of motorist in need of not only traffic citations, but a referral to DCFS or whatever state child safety services you may have.

    20 yrs in law enforcement, and you'd think nothing would surprise me today, for sure. :mad:
  10. Shiba3420

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    I saw a group of 3 rock crawlers vehicles traveling together. Two of them were caked in mud so they clearly do use the ability. All 3 had the doors removed and all three were really pushing their vehicles beyond the legal, especially the 3rd (clean) vehicle.

    Why do they remove the doors? The only things I can think of is better side visablity and to make sure they can get out if vehicle tips over, but it hardley seems worth the additional risk.
  11. PILL

    PILL Well-Known Member

    Don't knock it till you've tried it.

    BTW, they aren't rock crawlers if they're covered in mud :D
  12. Shiba3420

    Shiba3420 Well-Known Member

    So why are are doors removed?
  13. Ophbalance

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    Why make a car with a drop top? Same kind of thing. It's just got a "cool" vibe going for it.
  14. PILL

    PILL Well-Known Member

    If you'd try it you'd know.
  15. Ratnose86

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    And, take your doors off to be cool because everyones watching you :rolleyes:
  16. fireflyfarm

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    I used to have a '78 Jeep CJ5. The doors and top wer off all summer, and the windshield was folded down a lot. Just felt great to have a totally open vehicle. I didn't drive far, and it never went over 40 anyway, so the drag didn't matter.
    A MINIVAN, however, isn't designed for the stress of driving with both doors open like that, not to mention the safety of the kids being compromised. There's a sight to see- an old, fatigued van, driving with both doors open, hits a speedbump too hard. "Why won't the doors close?" "How come ther's a big crease across the middle of my roof?" "Why is the middle of the floor touching the ground?"
  17. Comrade Rutherford

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    I have a minivan with those double-side doors. I would NEVER drive on the road with them open. I would move the van around the yard or a parking lot like that.

    My kids do NOT like it when I do... They are smart kids.
  18. ronarprfct

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    Yeah, the double doors both being open is just an open invitation to daredevils on motorcycles :).

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