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Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by Bryan, Jul 5, 2008.

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    Please excuse me, but I have no idea what a Tag or a post is. I have two cars, a1999 Dodge sport van and a 2002 Buick Lesabre. I joined this program so that I may increase my mileage on both. The Dodge van gives me about 16 mpg city and about 23 Hiway. The Buick gives me about 19 city and 25 Hiway. Both have six cylinder moters. Can yuo people help me improve my mileage??? Thank you
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    Hello Bryan, welcome to CleanMPG! On the left-hand side of the screen, near the top, you'll notice a link called "What is Hypermiling?" Follow that link and read the thread about it by Wayne. That's a good place to start. If you have specific questions about hypermiling or your vehicles you can ask and you'll probably get an answer pretty quickly.

    Tell us a little about your daily route and what the terrian you usually drive on is like. With that we'll be able to direct you a little bit better.

    By the way, what you just wrote is called a "post". A "tag" is just a keyword linked with a post so people can search for it easier.
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    I had a '99 Dodge Ram Wagon conversion van, but it had the 360 V8, not the six. I never found much of anything at all that helped it, but curiously enough, my best MPG consistently came at 70, hard to believe in a vehicle with such beastly aerodynamics. But, if you're getting 16/23 on the van, you're already getting phenominal mileage. Most 6-banger full size vans struggle to AVERAGE 16, let alone get that as a baseline.

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