Hero of the day! June 29, 2008

Discussion in 'Hero and Jerk of the Day' started by lamebums, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. lamebums

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    I heard that third shift in-stock did that the other day. From day one I heard complaint after complaint about the manager who worked then. A real douchebag, a c*** and many many other things which if I repeated here I'd be sent to banland. And of course, she never did any work herself. Just babysat and bossed around the workers, then had the nerve to say they weren't doing any work.

    But she actually talked to us civil last night I was there and she came in two hours early. Maybe it was a slew of bad reviews? :)
  2. OokiiMamoru

    OokiiMamoru Active Member

    Probably to little, to late. :)

    Now to be fare an Assistant Manager's position is to direct, not to actually do any grunt labor (A good one will do so from time to time, but not all the time.). They have to watch the whole store and not focuses on just one thing. Personally I would not want the night shift position. They should be focusing on the individuals that are not working. Not the whole shift, and there will always be problem individuals. Make sure your ducks are in a row and then talk to your direct co-manager. The open door policy really dose work, even if those wheels turn slowly. Just be civil about it. ;-) Now if its the co, then talk to the store manager about it.

    There are usually two on night shift assistant managers and when there are problems a co-manager will also work the night shift until the problems are ironed out.
  3. fireflyfarm

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    I thought I had read an article about Wal-Mart trying out "Green Roofs" on their stores. Those huge, multi-acre roofs, if covered with foliage, could reduce their energy loss quite a lot!
  4. OokiiMamoru

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    Humm found reference to a roof in Chicago that has a green roof, but that was several years ago. I don't think its going to happen. The Metro Atalanta market would have a hiss fit. People can't water their lawns.... O man, I don't even want to think about it.

    The last refernce I saw to roofs was about painting the roofs white. While this will help during the summer months.......


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