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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by mafa2a, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. mafa2a

    mafa2a New Member

    Hi. I just purchased a Nissan Murano. It currently gets about 24.3 on the highway and much less in town. I read an article about Wayne Gerdes and want to increase my mpg.
  2. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Welcome to CleanMPG!

    Check out Beating the EPA - The Why’s and how to Hypermile.

    What little you said suggests lightening up on the accelerator will help a lot - don't take that as a slight, it takes a lot of work on pedal control...I myself am working on that.
  3. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Welcome to CleanMPG. I second Chuck's suggestion to read the article. When I first started getting serious about increasing my mpg, I printed the article out and read over it several times a day. As for Chuck's suggestion for slowing down a bit, I too am a recovering go-pedal masher:eek: who had a lot of trouble with that but found a lot of improvement as I got better at controlling my right foot. Again, welcome and keep us posted with your progress. As with all new people here, I encourage you to read and ask us lots of questions.

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