Polar Ice Likely to Disappear This Summer

Discussion in 'Environmental' started by xcel, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. nice info!
    Why isn't this information being covered by anyone in the media??

    I know why. Oh well never mind.
  2. A024523

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    There is enough climate variation from year-to-year to make it hard to draw conclusions from comparing just 2 years. I would be more interested in seeing data going back a few dozen years at least, in order to chart the rolling 3-year average, and see what that trend looks like. However, I can't find the historical data.
  3. worthywads

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    I just noticed the first graph I linked is interactive, changing as it is updated. We'll see it change as the ice continues to melt.:)
  4. worthywads

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    Thought I'd update this old post for a peak at what artic sea ice has been up too. Looks like quite a recovery from 2007 and could shortly exceed the 1979-2000 average.

    Sounds like good news for the Polar bears.

  5. Scandinavian Gigolo

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    If you go to the page hosting that graphic and scroll through all the graphics, you'll find the bottom one describes the additional coverage as 'young and thin.' Even with a very regular summer, we could still see a record minimum reached this year. I expect that we'll see a shortening cycle between record minimums, soon becoming an annual event.
  6. WriConsult

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    My understanding is global temperatures, which fluctuate from year to year, have been on the cool side of the cycle for the last couple of years. So maybe not a surprise that things look Ok for the bears this year. The bigger concern is where the long term trend is heading.
  7. worthywads

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    More good news for the polar bears, unless something sudden happens the arctic sea ice level will hit the 1979-2000 average any day.

    See interactive graph above.
  8. booferama

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    Actually, still bad news for polar bears:



    Also, interesting graph with a clear downward trend here.
  9. bestmapman

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    So there are two different interpetations of the data. I wonder which one has the ajenda that clouds their objectivity.
  10. booferama

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    Actually, the graphs come from the same location (the first link in my previous post).
  11. booferama

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    Also, to clarify: these are not two different interpretations of the data. The graph ww points to covers the short-term average--what usually happens between Dec. and Apr., what happened in 2006-7, and what's happening right now. The other graphs cover what's happened over the course of every month since 1979.

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