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Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by miket, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. miket

    miket Member

    I need to replace the OEM tires on my 2006 Prius. I have read numerous posts about replacement tires on this and other web sites, but still can't determine which is the best tire for FE for the Prius. Is there a 185/65/15 LRR replacement tire for the Prius? If not, what other sizes can be used without effecting the speedometer?
  2. kayakwill

    kayakwill Well-Known Member

    Hey miket,

    I'm in close to the same position - got 51K on the Integrities. I think I've settled on either the General Altimax HT or the Sumitomo H4 for two reasons: 1) sidewall rating of 51psi and 2) they are both relatively lightweight (~18lbs). With the higher sidewall rating, I hope to get better efficiency and the lighter weight should help by reducing the spinning weight. The other tire I've looked at is the Michelin X club tire available at Costco - mentioned in several other threads as a good LRR tire. Hope to get others with direct experience to weigh in here.

    Meanwhile, I've got my OEM's up to 62/60 - getting great results so far!

    Cheers, Will
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  3. CitrusInsighter

    CitrusInsighter Well-Known Member

    I also wanted the Michelin X tire when choosing replacements for my Mom's Prius with the stock Integrities at about 55k going into winter. Unfortunately, we don't have access to a Costco, and went with the next best rated tire from Michelin, the Harmony. It has much better wet traction, snow traction, dry handling, road noise, treadlife (supposedly), and pretty much everything else better than the stock Integrities. We noticed no drop off in mileage, and that was going from well worn (55k mile) rubber, to brand new tires with full tread.

    It makes sense to choose a tire with lower weight to reduce the rotational weight, but I don't see the value in choosing a higher sidewall psi, when you're going to exceed it anyway. The new Michelin's have a sidewall pressure of 44 psi, as did the Integrities. We inflated both sets to 60 in summer and 50 in snowy winter with great results. Does the MAX Sidewall value say anything about the tire? I've noticed that cheaper tires tend to have lower numbers. My old Plymouth Reliant had a set of the cheapest tires available at Wal-Mart and they were rated at 35 max sidewall. All of the other tires sitting on our driveway currently say 44 psi, and all but 4 (out of 22 tires-5 cars and one trailer) are inflated at or above that number.
  4. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Sam's Club also carries the "X". I've ordered tires online before and had them shipped to and installed in the store.
  5. krousdb

    krousdb Defiant NX-74205

    Per Wayne Brown's Prius Energy Use Simulator Software, the OEM Integrity has a rollling resistance of 0.0077 at 38 psi and 0.0064 at 44 psi. By comparison, the Michelin Hydroedge measures 0.0089 and 0.0070 at the same pressures. You would be hard pressed to beat the OEM tire. I learned this the hard way when I installed Conti Premiercontact tires which got the best rating for LRR by consumer reports. Even after 3000 miles, I still had a 4 MPG loss compared with the OEM. I sold the Conti's and replaced with new OEM's and got the 4 MPG back.
  6. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    so nothing beats oem eh? not even the michellins (i heard michellins is the king of LRR tires) MX4 energy series (camry hybrid stock tire i believe), my gut goes with having the integrity is an outdated LRR design when new ones are around the block (like the new tires on the ford escape hybrid 2009!) but cannot buy in stores yet :S
  7. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Dan:

    ___Nice to hear from you again as it has been a long time.

    ___About the Integrity’’s. They are not the best traction based tire by a long shot but they are inexpensive and if you really need to change them for winter snow and ice, you can pick up some Blizzak’s for the 2.5 to 3.5 months when you need those. Place the Integrity’s back on once spring arrives and you will receive decent FE during the warmer months :)

    ___Good Luck

  8. roadrunner

    roadrunner Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. I just ordered (4) Integrity P185/65SR-15 for my Yaris HB. I will let you know a few months from now if I see any difference in mpg. My old tires RE92's were 872 revs per mile, and the new will be 855 revs per mile, a 2% difference, that I will have to adjust for.
  9. krousdb

    krousdb Defiant NX-74205

    Hi Wayne!
    One can find fairly newish (less than 1000 miles)OEM tires at Prius Chat in the for sale forum. They normally go for $15-25 each. When you get them new, there is no way to guarantee that you are getting Prius OEM, so I would stick with ones that I know were removed from a Prius. I have been told that there is a difference. If you need to have snow tires, I would recommend getting a set of Corolla steelies.
  10. miket

    miket Member

    I was considering the ContiPremierContacts, but have decided against them. However, I am still considering the ContiProContacts as they have gotten good reviews on some other sites.

  11. miket

    miket Member

    I did get the ContiproContacts and now have a couple of thousand miles on them. I haven't noticed any drop in mpg. In fact, my mpg has gone up because I now practice some of the techniques I learned on this site. I will just have to see how long they last. I only got 39K on the OEM Integrity tires, so I definitely wanted to try something different.
  12. zman0727

    zman0727 New Member

    Hi All,

    New to this site, I am finding it quite informative.

    I too am looking for tires for my 08 Prius Touring, I lie in Arizona and commute around 80 miles a day. I was able to get around 35K out of my originals from factory, I made the mistake of going with a set of Barum's from Discount Tire, lost mpg and gained a lot of road noise. never again....

    I have ready on these post's that alot of you are pushing your tire pressure higher for better performance, and negative results by doing that?

    Any suggestions on a good tire would be very helpful..

  13. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

  14. edieb

    edieb New Member

    What tires to get for 2008 Prius

    hi everyone. I am running on treads with these goodyears. My car has over 56000 miles. I will have had this car for three years in May, but my tires are 'may pops'. What is the best tire to get. I drive over 50 per day in southern Arizona. :confused:
  15. Harold

    Harold Well-Known Member

    How about the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max.. You can press them to 51 max cold setting. LRR as well. Should do better than the OME Integrities? Fuel Max work well on my HCH2! H
  16. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have Michelin MXV+4 Energy's on my Volvo, that is used exclusively on the highway.
    It is an older tire design and Michelin has better updated FE versions available today.
    They wear very well and are quiet. Not cheap but you need to watch the alignment and keep the air pressure three to four pounds higher than door sticker or they will wear.

    When it's time to replace the Factory Yoko's on my Prius I'm going with a set of Michelin Energy Saver A/S's.
  17. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    That is probably what I will switch to also. The Yoko's are wearing well, but they are noisy. They have almost 40k on them and will probably last to 55 or 60k. I put a set of the MXV+4 on our HCHII before we traded it, and they were very quiet compared to the oem's. I got them from Tire Rack on sale for about $80.
  18. sandman

    sandman Active Member

    After getting about 85,000 on my factory Integrity's, I went with the Goodyear Viva Authority Fuel Max from Wal-mart, so far so good. I am at 110,000 on my Prius, and they are doing great.. I see a lot of bad posts on the Integrity's, but I loved mine.. Get those PSI up, rotate ever 5000, and tires will last much longer..:D

    Here is link, they have raised the price on these :mad: I got them for $89 each
  19. Harold

    Harold Well-Known Member

    You will love your Fuel Max's even more. They do very well on snow and ice as well. I am very pleased with these tires. Next time I will go the Viva route as they are a better price! H
  20. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    I have to give a lot of credit to GoodYear for stepping up with the FuelMax lineup. From the Cruze ECO and Volt to end user reports like yours, GoodYear has really provided a great tire in the FuelMax.

    Thanks for the reports and I tweeted to one of GoodYear's new PR personnel just a week ago that I wanted to "test" a set by comparison to my aging Michelin MXV4 +'s on the Accord... aging meaning over 120k miles now ;)

    While the front’s are finally due for replacement, I wanted to do a quick study at placard, max sidewall and or pressures running a gambit of tests from the skidpad and coast down to weight at GoodYear’s own test facility sometime. Ride and handling would be a tough comparison because new tires always ride better than those that have seen better days…


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