My 2000 Nissan Xterra 3.3L V6

Discussion in 'My Ride' started by chris85, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. chris85

    chris85 Member

    Now I know its not the most fuel efficient vehicle out there but its ok because I like to drive it, its fun to me and thats all the matters right lol... But the gas prices are going up and I can only mod it so much before I cant get any better MPG...

    So here is my story.. It started out a year ago looking like this:

    I was getting 300 miles until the gas light came on which was about 18ish MPG which seemed awesome to me...

    I have spent a TON of money in this thing..
    I have about 5" of so of lift, with some aprox 33" tires an my gas millage DROPPED!! I was getting around 15mpg freeway!!! So it was time to mod, so here is a pic of what is looks like now:

    So I was on my quest to get the best MPG possible. So I did the following:
    K&N FIPK
    Throttle Body Spacer
    Nismo Cat-Back Exhaust
    Electric Fan Conversion
    Transmission Cooler
    Converted To Synthetic Oils

    Currently I am still getting 300 miles per tank but adjust that number because of the tire side and I am getting about 20.625 MILES PER GALLON!!! Which is BETTER than when I first bought it!!

    This weekend I am getting rid of my catalitic converters and installing straight pipes, then I plan on ordering an intake manifold spacer. I would like to bore out my throttle body and add headers to but I am just not sure yet, because that is like $1000 for both of those!! But I do have a few other ticks up my sleeve to try to improve the MPG...

    But I just wanted to come and show you guys my car, let me know what you think and if you can think of any more mods I can do to improve my MPG...

    Hope to become a more active member, see you guys around :)
  2. 2008Mazda3i

    2008Mazda3i Well-Known Member

    There is no way of getting around pushing those 33" tires though and the huge drag created from that lift. Although 20 mpg from that beast is still quite good :D
  3. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Removing the catalytic converters:
    - won't save you any gas. The car is designed with them in place. That idea is left over from the 70's when cars were designed without them.
    - will cost you money for the change
    - might cost you tickets or fines
    - will increase the pollution your car puts out

    Why do it? You can get lots of mileage improvement by changing your driving, and not your car. My civic below is stock. See what it's capable of.
  4. I have the same vehicle except Black. Bring the tires and wheels back to stock if you want to increase your gas mileage. It may be fun and look cool but at some point your going to have to justify it with the current gas prices.

    I can get 25-26 mpg just by slowing down.
    (I have a man. transmission) I noticed you took the mudflaps off which was a good thing they hamper your FE (I'm sure you took them off because they just get broken while off-roading/rock crawling).

    Read theBeating the EPA thread that is the best place to start changing your driving habits.
  5. chris85

    chris85 Member

    I am removing my catalytic converters because they are restrictive.. Same reason installing a mandrel bent cat-back improved my MPG.. Its really simple, better flow more power/mpg.. Think of it like a water hose, stick a giant filter in there or some kinks and its gonna slow the water down, my exhaust will be free flowing... the other way to look at it is, removing it will create more HP/TQ and then I wont have to push the skinny pedal down as far to get to speed..

    Plus I cant change my driving habbits much more, I already keep it below 2500rmp, any slower and its like a snail crawl.. Then on the freeway I drive at 55 which converted due to the tire size is aprox 60mpg, and my RPM is at 3000rmp...

    It also wont cost me a think because I can turn around and sell my catalytic converters to a scrap yard and make back the money it cost me for the pipes, plus I work on it myself so I dont pay for labor..

    I will also sounds ALOT better..

    I just dont see how you are getting 60+mpg with a stock 96 civic, I guess that is why I am here, to learn :)
  6. Vooch

    Vooch Well-Known Member

    Dude- Don't even think of taking the catalytic converter off. It'll kill your MPG.

    Why would you go through all that hassle and money to mode your machine, when we are all achieving 125% - 250% of EPA with 100% stock cars.

    Spend $150 on a Scanguage and try DWL - you'll easily break 25 MPG
  7. chris85

    chris85 Member

    yeah I had to take them off when the bigger tires when on, they no longer fit..
  8. chris85

    chris85 Member

    I guess I have said it wong, I wasnt really thinking when I originally posted, I was just typing really fast.. They are Cali emission converters. I dont need 4 of them on my Xterra.. I am taking 2 of them off and straight pipes which SHOULD of been on there originally!! I dont live in Cali, why do I need to live by their standards??
  9. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Think of it this way: the intake and exhaust are sized for full-throttle high-rpm airflow. Anything less and the restriction is minimal.
  10. chris85

    chris85 Member

    I dont agree, I have gas receipts that prove it.. tell my why my MPG went up when I upgraded my intake and exhaust system then.. If what comes stock is perfect then tell my why I am getting better MPG and power after my lift kit and bigger tires, my driving habits have not changed...
  11. Badalandabat

    Badalandabat New Member

    I agree that free flowing exhaust does just that, it flows freely. Cayalytic converters just restrict things. Even though you said you only plan on taking the 2 CA's off I personally would replace them all with straight pipe. I've put a free flowing exhaust on most everything I own and the mpg has gone up EVERY time without changing driving habits! I also pass the emissions test according to numbers, the only time I failed was the visual, but numbers are still good!

    Exhaust on cars is also not designed from the factory for high RPM full throttle situations though, especially on an Xterra that is designed for lowend torque. It is designed to be inexpensive and pass emissions standards until the warranty runs out.

    Personally I think the 33's are a bit big, don't you think you can still have your fun on trails with 31's and leave a smaller footprint? TreadLightly
  12. chris85

    chris85 Member

    Personally I want to go to 35's, that is why I jointed this site, the 35's are ALOT heavier and take alot more for the motor to turn, I need to find ways to get the most power so I can get the most MPG...

    I believe in TreadLightly but what are you talking about 31's leave a smaller foot print?? How do you know how wide my tires are?? My tires are 33x11.50, if I got some 31x12.50 what would you say then?? upgrade to some 33x11.50 to leave a smaller footprint?? Remember you cant get traction offroad with bicycle tires on a truck!! And if you are not getting any traction i highly doubt you are treading lightly!!
  13. theprophet

    theprophet Active Member

    ripping the cats off will produce a small increase in FE, more so as HP levels get above stock...if you put on headers like you were talking about, the cats will become the bottleneck in the system...but it may throw your CEL

    i would look for a nissan factory supercharger they offered on the V6 model pick-ups/SUVs for that thing haha

    how is the xterra 4x4 offroad? i've always mom had a 03 or 04(round headlight) V6 2wd and it wasn't much offroad with an open diff/one wheel drive. do the 4x4s come with a locker or limited slip in the rear?
  14. Noish

    Noish Member

    My Xterra doesn't have a locker in the back but somethin is back there, it isn't open. They're pretty good offroad once you get rid of the tiny factory tires. One of the better knew SUVs, some guys even solid axle swap them.

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