Jerk Of The Day 6/25/08 Rush Limbaugh

Discussion in 'Hero and Jerk of the Day' started by ChenZhen, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. ChenZhen

    ChenZhen Dreaded Car Salesman

    I was cruising along on my way to work today and heard something that made my jaw drop a little. Here's the transcript:

    I mean, here's a guy who insists that the high gasoline prices we now face are due to strict economics. Supply and demand. So what does he do? He blathers on about how he's doing his part to mess up the curve, thinking he's "sticking it to the environmentalists" and trying to influence his audience of however many millions of listeners to do their part as well (he does like to talk about how influential he is, in case you don't tune in regularly).

    No Rush, you're not sticking it to the environmentalists. According to your supply and demand argument, you're sticking it to all of us. Sure I can't tell you what you can drive and what you can't, but I can tell you that you're a moron.
  2. brian.ingram

    brian.ingram Sacrifice more than golf!

    Since he talked about the trip on his show, he was probably able to write off the whole thing as a business expense on his taxes. So keep working. Millions of corporations on welfare are depending on you.
  3. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    I'm not surprised he did that. I used to be that way for a while, thinking I'm sticking it to the radical green lefties out there, rubbing it in their face. I still get into arguments against people who subscribe to the Al Gore cult about twice a day, but burning extra gas isn't...a financially possible way to stick it to them.
  4. Bike123

    Bike123 Well-Known Member

    Control your radio station like you control your fuel use! The only excuses for ever hearing Rush are 1.) situation such as being the passenger while carpooling (ie, forced against your will) or 2.) searching for radio stations while on a trip (this excuse is good for about 10 seconds).
  5. ChenZhen

    ChenZhen Dreaded Car Salesman

    I'm sorry to say, I listen to guys like Rush and Hannity every day. For the most part, I do it for the LOL's, but today I must admit that I've ever come to actually calling in and telling him he's a jackass. But instead, I figure I can vent it here.

    On a side note, my addiction to talk radio was behind my rationale for removing my ~100lb subwoofer box for weight reduction purposes. I don't really miss it.

    BTW- Can anyone guess what he could have been driving that only gets 12.8 on the highway? A friggin dump truck? Good grief.
  6. bomber991

    bomber991 Well-Known Member

    Well come on guys. This is a free country. I got money in my bank and I can spend it on whatever I want. Some people spend it on strippers, some spend it on drugs, and others spend it on gas.
  7. GreenVTEC

    GreenVTEC Well-Known Member

    Not that I support Rush in any way or form but it's his right to drive whatever he wants.

    Hopefully at least smart consumer choices lead automakers to find nothing but losses selling guzzlers. Market forces taking guzzlers away from you rather than the government! Take that Rush! He might need to change his affiliations at that point once the forces he touts work against him!
  8. You must not listen to Rush alot because he would agree with the market deciding what cars should be sold based on sales to consumers.

    As you may have guessed i'm a Rush 24/7 member;)

    Although I usually dont agree with him on this subject about sticking it to the enviros.

    I get tired of Hannity always bringing up he has a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid...they must be a sponsor he mentions it every show.

    Not sure which one Rush drives here is the transcript ( actually I bet the Hummer)

    This is in terms of its effect on the environment and global warming. (story) "At the top of the meanest list for 2006 is the Dodge Ram SRT-10." Well, let's just go through the list. The Dodge RAM SRT-10 is the meanest. The Lamborghini MurciƩlago is the next meanest. The Bentley Arnage, the Dodge Durango, the Dodge Ram 1500 and the Maybach 57-S are all tied in the next position here as the third meanest. The Hummer H2O and the Ferrari F-99 GTB Fiorano and the Ford F-250 Super Duty 5.4 V8 four-wheel drive. The GMC Yukon, the Volkswagen Touareg and the Chevy Suburban all come in tied at the next stop. Now the vehicle I drive, I'm not going to identify it, but is somewhere on that list. (laughing) I love being honored this way: having one of the meanest cars in terms of its environmental impact, knowing full well how that irritates the socialist environmentalist wackos. I just love it

    EDIT: Had to do a little digging but finally found it he rides in the Maybach 57-S and he has a driver.
    has a V-12 costs around $380k gets a combined EPA of 12
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  9. ChenZhen

    ChenZhen Dreaded Car Salesman

    Of course he can drive whatever he wants. The stupid reasoning and the possibility that a few million mindless dittoheads will adopt it is what I'm attacking. In other words, he's not a jerk for driving a gas guzzler, he's a jerk for broadcasting the fact with apparent pride.

    Imagine if everyone was like him and drove a vehicle that gets 12.8 hwy. Ask Rush, does he think everyone should do so, and if they did would that increase or decrease the price of fuel?

    Sheesh. At least Hannity brags that he drives a hybrid (no doubt paid for by my pals at GM, but still).
  10. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    I don't usually listen to Rush, although I listen to Hannity on TV while I'm falling asleep at night (it's great for that). My take on Rush is that he deliberately says these things to be "in your face" because he sees his left wing adversaries as having that same persona. The personality is similar to the little kid on the playground with the big mouth who brags that all his toys are the coolest, and then he gets his butt kicked. His style is deliberately inflammatory, and whether you love him or hate him depends on whether or not you agree with what he's saying. He is certainly one of the most polarizing personalites on radio.

    Sure, Rush's econo-minder probably said 12.8 in traffic and then went back up to the teens somewhere when back up at speed. And his point is valid - it is not up to the government to dictate what we can and can't drive. But capitalism in action is unfolding before our eyes, as higher gas cost has people making real changes in their transportation. Whether using mass transit, car pooling, driving less or at lower speeds, or parking the FSP and buying an old Corolla for errands, people are doing it on their own, without any prodding by policy.

    I highly doubt anyone in radio-land will run out and buy an Escalade so they can get the same 12.8mpg Rush gets. And I doubt they will deliberately change their driving habits to further degrade their FE. Any attempt to use that much fuel will quickly get "old" each time they fill up. So in effect, what Rush says is irrelevant, as none of the listeners can afford to "do as he does". Rush also flaunts his cigar smoking in order to outrage the anti-smoking crowd, but I don't think that too many of the listeners have taken up smoking as a result of his on-air skits.

    At the very core, it's just more sensationalized chatter, like the few hypermile-bashing articles we've seen in the media lately. While it's formatted and carefully packaged to perk your ears up, and really nothing more than 2% pie and 98% Cool Whip - Very appetizing in appearance but doesn't fill you up too well.

    So while I myself wouldn't nominate Rush as Jerk of the Day, I would nominate that segment as Farce of the Day and nominate Rush as Manufactured Polarizing Personality of the Day.
  11. Hmm...ChenZen We are going to disagree the more this discussion continues toward politics.

    I will concede he is a jerk :)

    At least i'm not the only one who noticed hannity always bringing up his FSP hybrid.
  12. ChenZhen

    ChenZhen Dreaded Car Salesman

    Yea I have my own blog for discussing politics, but with a subject like gas prices being as hot button as it is right now, there is bound to be some of it that slips in these forums as well.

    I must say, however, for a website that promotes clean emmissions and conservation of gasoline, there are a surprising number of commenters defending Rush on this.
  13. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    I'm focused on cutting my gasoline consumption because gas prices are burning a hole in my wallet. If I can help cut consumption collectively and lower prices, great.

    But I'm not going to force anyone into doing anything: the market will do it at some point. Rush will still drive his Fsp but the dittoheads (like myself) would be priced out of gasoline before long.

    Besides, who else on the radio piles it on McCain as much as he does (except Michael Savage?)

    But I agree, let's not get too political here. Politics and religion is just one huge downward spiral and it's unlikely anyone will convince the other.

    ~Aether glider: I'm sick of Hannity mentioning the Chevy Malibu gets better city mileage than the Camry. They're both twice the size they were 10 years ago anyway, getting about 20 miles to the gallon. We need an Insight back, or something, not 20 MPG city. :(
  14. Lord Biron

    Lord Biron Well-Known Member

    Fuel prices are DIRECTLY linked to politics ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not.
    Its the policies of the last 20 years, that has lead to the greatest threat to the United States in years. The massive Debt run up by this administration, has cause directly, DIRECTLY, the massive inflation of fuel prices, and devaluation of the US Dollar. Every trillion that is spend in Iraq, for god even knows why anymore will just take more food off ALL of our tables.

    My politics are way left of center, and I enjoy listening to the windbag every now and then. Love hearing him gloat about how hes enjoying so much freedom, while advocating taking it away from all of us.

    Let him drive is FSP. Or driven for him. I dont' drive this way becuase I am helping the environment. And most of you on this board will agree... its simply, we cannot afford the bloated overprices decaying prehistoric plant material in our gas tanks anymore!

    Enjoy 5 dollar a gallon milk? Enjoy bread (wheat) prices of 4 to 5 dollars A LOAF. Tell me, those who cannot even afford a gallon of gas for their FSP they were lured into, how they afford to buy the rest? Our fossil fuel economy is simply not a viable solution for the future.

    I'm sorry, i don't want to keep dumping my savings into gasoline. Thank GOD, I got my car when I did. The law of supply and demand is REALLY hitting the small and midsize "economy" cars now.
  15. Kevin108

    Kevin108 Well-Known Member

    I don't agree with many of the ideas and actions of environmentalists but I don't think burning more gas is an effective way to send them a message.
  16. Shiba3420

    Shiba3420 Well-Known Member

    I love his argument, if I can afford it, I should have the right to do it. Why do I love it...look at the insane extension of it..."If I can afford a gun and bullets and enjoy killing, why can't I do it".....Simple, because somebody else gets hurt.
    Now we shouldn't ever prevent people from hurting each other...I mean if you just lost your pet the other day and I'm talking to a friend about how cute my new puppy is, and the other person is offended because it reminds them of their loss...too bad. Actually if they explained nicely I would probably change topics, but if they are only overhearing my conversation why should they have any voice in my topics?
    On the other hand, many states are banning various forms of public smoking as we know the smoke has 2nd hand issues. They hurt others.
    Driving a guzzler almost always produces more bad emmisions that a more fuel efficient vehicle. Not an absolute, but generally true. Since his guzzler produces more bad emmisions which are bad for everyone, we have the right to have him pull that thing off the road. Now we have to do it in a reasonable way, give time for people to upgrade or provide incentives to upgrade, or provide penalties (starting in the far future) for not upgrading....sure he COULD still keep driving it, but slowly its going to be bad econnomics for least up to the point society is taking in enough money that we can do something to offset the damage he is creating.

    His logic stinks; He might get a right answer from time to time, but not because he can actually think anything through.
  17. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    I used to listen to Rush daily. It won't happen, but I'd love for the leaders in the Republican Party to make a statement disowing Rush....if there is any chance I'd vote for Obame this fall, it would be people shouting what Rush does.

    If we were talking about a water shortage in a town and some watered their large lawns to be golfable, citing "I have the right and the money" - how would that fly? I guess prohibiting them from those excesseses would be considered socialist? {sigh}
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  18. 93Hatch

    93Hatch Well-Known Member

    That's a pretty amazing stretch Shiba. I'm not a Rush fan, and don't ever listen to him. But you are equating driving with killing? C'mon man. Let's face it, Rush is a guy that's got himself a good paying gig (like many other talk show and celebrity personalities). He probably calculates the effect that the things he says will drum up more publicity. Anyone remember William Hung? That guy is famous. For being an incredibly untalented singer. And probably made millions!
  19. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    here is the one problem i have with the "i can afford it so i can waste gas"'s not like spending it on booze, or strippers, or chocolate or expensive shoes.

    we are ALL pulling from the pool of available oil, we don't have our own private stock. if we waste it, we are taking it away from everyone else in the world who can't afford it. there is the problem, the innate selfishness and lack of caring for the rest of us.
  20. ChenZhen

    ChenZhen Dreaded Car Salesman


    and if you listen to this guy who day after day repeats the meme that the high prices that are weighing on every ordinary American (regardless of political affiliation or level of environmental concern) are due to lack of supply with high demand, and then comes out and gleefully spouts that he's intentionally wasting it because of some misguided spite for the other side of the political spectrum, you'd probably give him...

    ...the Jerk Of The Day.

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