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Discussion in 'Toyota Camry Hybrid' started by r651981, Jun 25, 2008.

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    I have owned a 2007 Camry Hybrid for just more than one year. I regularly get more than 40 MPG in warm weather. I would be interested in the experiences and techniques of other Camry Hybrid drivers to help me improve my gas mileage. I am having difficulty getting beyond 36 MPG in cold weather.
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    Welcome. It might help to start with the How's and Why's article linked in my sig. That cold weather hit is a big problem. Engine block heaters and grill blocks can help. Stick around for a while and you can get your warm weather mileage up too.
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    Welcome to the site. You might also want to see if there are any hypermiler/hybrid clubs in your area. I went to a hypermiler club meeting not too long ago and learned a lot. Some techniques I'm not up to yet, but others can help. One thing I've done is stop using the cruise control on the freeway.
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    Welcome! I also have an '07 TCH that just reached it's 1 year anniversary a couple weeks ago. I'm in Sacramento so "cold" weather here is sort of a joke (50 F), but I did manage to figure out Pulse and Glide on city streets and have gotten a pretty good 70mpg average for fifteen minutes or so when the lights (and lack of traffic) were in my favor, but it's a lot of work!

    My top tips - first, slow down! I found a picture of the Consumption screen from when I first got the Camry, and it showed a miserable 33MPG average! Now I drive 65 or less if traffic allows (I do live in the Street Racing capitol of the US, the drivers here are horrible), and the numbers have vastly improved. Sure helps when the car has all those screens to tell you how bad a driver you are.

    Second: pump up the tires. My Bridgestones have a max sidewall of 51, I'm more comfortable at 42 since the tires are nearing replacement, but the dealer keeps setting them to 32 which is the Toyota default. You get a much longer glide with the higher pressure.

    Third, plan trips and startups. I have a gated garage at home and work, and I used to start up the car, back out in EV, and then 8 seconds later the ICE fires up and eats through fuel while I'm sitting waiting for the gate. Instead, I do the poor-man's EV mode hack: Get ready to move before starting up the car (seatbelt on, look around, ready to roll). Then, push the ignition, and back out of my space (yes, I know how Wayne likes to park, but my building requires front in parking.) After I've backed out, I shift into neutral, and hit the ignition button (foot on brake) to turn off the car, then shift into Park and hit the ignition again, then shift to drive to drive up to the gate. You get about 8 seconds of EV mode before the ICE turns on, and if you shift into Neutral, the ICE won't start up, so you can effectively pulse and glide this way as long as you glide to a stop every time, and turn the car off and on again. It's a great way to get out of parking lots (if there is no other traffic!!), and saves me 2-3 MPG for the trip.

    I highly recommend the forums for the Camry Hybrid, there are a lot of users over there and there are several FAQ's as well.

    - tons of users and some great information. That is, of course, after reading the CleanMPG bible on Hypermiling:

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