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    Here's an idea for summer vacation. Stay in your own state. Start off by visiting your local state tourism office and picking up brochures of state attractions. If you have time, you could also send off for your state's tourism booklet. People seem to always want to travel outside their own state or country to vacation/holiday. Why? I'm sure there's places within your own state you've probably never seen and would enjoy. State parks, national parks, campgrounds, museums, etc are all available within each state. So when was the last time you vacationed within your own state?
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    Actually a great idea and while I have seen most of PA's major attractions, it has been a while and I am sure there are some smaller or new ones I have missed. Unfortunately my time off this year has already been spoken for or used up already. I had to see the folks in Florida earlier this year and am taking a long weekend to go to HybridFest 2008 in July. That still leaves me with another week for later this year and will probably be spent visiting my daughter either in L.A. or some place in-between. So while I would love to see more of my own state sometimes there are other priorities, usually involving family, that take consume what little time off we have each year.
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    great idea -
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    Here's an article on how high fuel prices are affecting vacations, with suggestions.

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