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    Has anyone seen the XR-3 by Riley on the road yet? It was due in May, supposed to do 225mpg with 2 cyl. diesel
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  2. BailOut

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    According to its website it is still total vaporware.
  3. PBR

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    Don't tell me that's true with the Aptera also?
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  5. ericbecky

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    XR-3 is a self-build type of project.

    The actual plans are just now being shipped to enthusiasts, so I'm sure no one has built one yet. One of the Hybridfest planners, Richard, is considering building one.

    Although the designer, Robert Riley, couldn't make Hybridfest this year, I'm hoping he can make it next year, and maybe a few of them will be built by then.

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