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  1. WildWisc

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    Hello everyone. We live in Wisconsin, currently living in the West Allis area. My fiance drives a 2006 Kia Rio, while I'm driving a 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo for now. I picked up a beautiful 1995 Mustang for super cheap (due to a bad engine) and am currently interested in doing everything I can to make it (and the Rio) as fuel efficient as possible. While she has been making it a point to be as fuel efficient as she can for a while now (hence the Rio), I've been getting more into it lately.
  2. ericbecky

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    Congrats on the '95 Mustang. Getting a good set of tires and a fuel sipping engine for the Mustang will help out. So the supercharged V8 will be out of the question. :)

    Welcome to CleanMPG.
  3. Vooch

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    put the smallest engine you can find in the 'stang - You'll be glad when gas hits $6 in a year or so.

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