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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by jimbow, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. jimbow

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    Hello all from Seattle. Just found this site last week and was interested in all the info on hypermiling. I drive a 2005 Focus ST - manual trans. My commute is 17 miles of which about 12 is fwy. Thanks again for all the useful info.

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  3. Vooch

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    Welcome !

    1) the article linked above is a good place to start

    2) pump up tires to max sidewall (listed on side of tire)

    3) get rid of all the junk in the trunk - Every 10% of weight loss is betwen 2 - 4% MPG benefit ( at least that is what I have observed in my car)

    4) if your car does not have a iFCD get a scanguage or similar

    5) DWL is a good technique to start with once you have a iFCD
  4. jimbow

    jimbow New Member

    Thanks Vooch! Much appreciated. I'll start with the easy ones first. I looked at some info on scanguage here and need learn more. I'm not sure about routing the cable from the computer access point under the hood, but I imagine there's info on that here. I'll do search. I'm currently getting around 32mpg or so and have lowered my speed to 60 or a little over. Still getting used to making so many new friend behind me on the fwy though.

  5. Bucko

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    There should be a port under the dash, don't know where your exact location is, but mine was just left of the steering column
  6. jimbow

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    Thanks very much. I'll check out the site you listed. Yours and the other mpg improvements posted are amazing.


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