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    My Honda Pilot has been bullet-proof for the past three years but now, it's a bit too thirsty. Here's what I'm doing:

    1) I ride my bicycle to work at least four days each week. How simple, but I'm sure millions of people can do this but aren't.

    2) I have re-instituted my piggy-bank where I place all my coins each week. At the end of the week, I use those coins exclusively for gas.

    3) My local supermarket offers a 30 cent/gallon discount when you buy over $150. in groceries.

    4) I switched from bottled water to filtered water.

    5) I only order my morning coffee three times/ week and I switched to a basic brew.

    6) I reduced both my satelite channels and reduced my monthly cell phone contract.

    7) I buy more stuff in bulk.

    8) When I have to drive (to pick up diapers, etc), I glide down most hills (which sometimes annoys the folks behind me) and I drive far less aggressively. Just those two tactics give me about three to four more mpg's.

    So far, I'm not only getting better mileage but by reviewing my general lifestyle, I am now spending about $180./month less than I was before the gas crunch. So if you factored in that savings, you could cratively argue that gas is costing me about $2.59/gal.

    My questions are:

    1) What else can I do to hyperdrive my Pilot? I live in Southern Utah, so I can't block my radiator.

    2) What other lifestyle changes have folks made out there to make ends mee?
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