Uhaul from River Falls, WI to Washington DC

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    Hello all,

    I am posting for a friend who is new to the Hypermilling game.

    Here is his situation.

    My friend got a job in the heart of our capital, Washington D. C.
    I helped him load up, and now I am trying to school him in fuel saving techniques. I would love your input on this one.

    GMC Truck "Mini Mover" however has a nasty drag creating box.


    * Unleaded fuel
    * Fuel tank capacity: 35 gal.
    * Miles per fuel tank: approx. 420
    * Miles per gallon: approx. 12

    We need to go 1082 miles. I figureed this will cost about 540 USD at average of 4.11ish prices.

    I figured at 15 MPG we can do it for 256 USD. How can we get this beast to conserve??

    It has 80 PSI "recommended" Max side wall 100 PSI tires, however the condition of the tires are moderate with wear on the drive tires.

    Scangauge II does NOT work with this model of vehicle due to a block they put on the OBD II port.

    What else can we do? We assume we can get maybe 15MPG or more @ 55 MPH. (But UHaul assumes you do 55 for 12 MPG)

    NEURAL will NOT allow you to coast far, due to the dynamics of the vehicle.

    We are FULLY loaded. Recommendations? Any experiences?

    Thanks everyone, I love this forum and community!
  2. msirach

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    Air pressure #1. So you have 80psi in them?? Check the condition after the air and note any difference in the sound: ie: thumps, bumps, etc. The higher pressure will let the tires run cooler.

    Check the air cleaner. If it is discolored or loaded, at least tap it out and blow with compressed air or vacuum with a brush. Easiest would be to put a new one in it.

    IF you are familiar of the feel of an engine with driving via Scangauge, transfer your feel to the U-Haul.

    Maintain steady throttle pressure. Reach your desired speed and gently back off. Feel the engine load ease while watching speed. Feather to the point of barely maintaining speed. It is touchy with variable grade.
    Coast down the hills in gear. As you start down at speed, feather the throttle back to maintain speed. You will feel the engine load drop.
    You should be able to do much better than 12mpg.

    I used this method on a Ford F150 V8 EC 4x4 with 5 people in it this week-end in Virginia. I rented it from Enterprise. (all they had were 4x4's) I aired the tires from 31psi to 50psi. Left Charlottesville and drove to Richmond then to Ikea south of DC. Loaded the truck with 2 bedrooms and most of the living room of Ikea furniture. The boxes were stacked to the top of the bed and mattresses were tied on. They were even with the top of the cab. We cruised back to Charlottesville and unloaded. The next day, we picked up more furniture in Lexington and drove back to Charlottesville. It was a total of 490 miles in 24 hours and the F150 got 19.98mpg.
  3. Wonder what happened to cause UHAUL to block the OBDII port?
  4. My concern would be if you had an accident such as a tire blowout on this trip your insurance and/or uhaul may not cover it if you change the tire pressure. I know insurance companies are really picky when it comes to paying out.

    But with that being said I certainly will be watching for the results on this one
  5. kngkeith

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    You're probably on your way already but...
    Weight should be centered just ahead of rear axle. Worn drives are good- much more efficient than new tires. I would pump them up to max sidewall. Gearing is usually for around town driving, so speed is the enemy. Go as slow as patience and safety will allow. DWL, DWL, DWL. Stay off the racetrack (interstate) as much as possible. You can stay on 29 for a little while, use 94, then 53, then 94 to Black River Falls, then 12 to the Dells, then 16, then 51 to Madison area, etc etc. Bump back onto the interstate around cities. Anyway- it can be done if you have the patience and time. Depends on how crazy you want to get.
    Don't be surprised if 12 mpg is all you get. If your friend puts a lot of weight in the truck, the hills will really work it.

    Keith G

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