Hyundai Elantra tops Consumer Reports list

Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by xcel, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. xcel

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    The Elantra SE nudged out second-ranked Honda Civic EX by less than a point.

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]Brent Snavely - Detroit Free Press - June 3, 2008

    2008 Hyundai Elantra – 28 mpgUS combined on the 08 EPA.

    Any vehicle at just 28 combined would not make our own Best in Class list :rolleyes: but it was nice to see the improvements at Hyundai! -- Ed.

    This month’s issue of Consumer Reports delivered a pleasant surprise for Hyundai Motor Co. as well as a tough report card for the Detroit 3’s lineup of compact sedans and subcompact cars.

    Consumer Reports’ July edition, which goes on sale Tuesday, ranked the 2008 Hyundai Elantra SE first among a group of 19 compact sedans, while Ford-controlled Mazda was the only Detroit 3 brand to land a model among the top 10 in that category and the Chevrolet Aveo LT finished last among a group of 11 subcompact cars rated.

    “As I got the note from Consumer Reports, we were ecstatic,” said Jim Trainor, spokesman for Hyundai. “Coming from such a highly regarded industry source like Consumer Reports, it really says a lot about what we’re doing.” … [rm][/rm]
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  2. Right Lane Cruiser

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    They are good cars -- just not as efficient as we would like. Mine has held up wonderfully well and still drives like new with 98K on the clock.
  3. trackermpg

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    Funny how a company can stand behind their work with such a fantastic warranty, and remain profitable because the quality is good...

    Nice article. Should bring some bigger checks for the gf (she sells Hyundais!):woot:
  4. Ophbalance

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    I'm still not sure how the Elantra won over the Corolla... especially considering the MPG difference. Not that I don't like the new Elantra, the newer features would be nice (electronic power steering, better for FASing), it's just starting to get too "big". The current gen Accents are about the same size/weight as my 99 Elantra. But beyond that, my current Elantra is the only car I ever plan to buy new off the lot again. Cars just depreciate too quickly to make it worthwhile to buy new for me.
  5. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Good point about the size. I sat in an Accent last fall and was shocked to find I actually fit now! It has as much space for the driver as my '95 Elantra had -- a tight fit but workable.

    I still can't get over the fact that the Accent is rated the same as the Elantra for FE... I just can't get my brain around that one. :confused:
  6. trackermpg

    trackermpg Well-Known Member

    No kidding. Every week I seem to regress and ask the significant other why one of her customers didn't buy an Accent v. an Elantra or Sonata ("of course I always believe you honey, I just wasn't listening...") I chuckle every time she reminds me of the above fact (Elantra EPA mpg~=Accent EPA mpg). While it says a whole lot about the sedans it makes you wonder about the size of the guy driving the Accent for the EPA tests...:eek:
  7. gflippin

    gflippin Active Member

    I'm still not sure how the Elantra won over the Corolla... especially considering the MPG difference. The best I could tell from reading Consumer Reports, the Corolla is a "New" model (it had significant changes from previous model year) and the trunk was too small. It had the best mpg of the compact cars with, I think, 34 mpg overall.

  8. Ophbalance

    Ophbalance Administrator Staff Member

    Seems a bit lame to me. Again, I like my Elantra, but I'd trust Toyota to have better first model year reliability than what they're being given credit for. Then again, both of them would be out of my price consideration until 2011 or 2012 anyway (yay to depreciation) ;).
  9. peacefrog_0521

    peacefrog_0521 Raj Against The Machine

    The Elantra SE trim package is such a great value, it is difficult at-best to find one new, and nearly impossible to find one used. I wanted one so bad I was almost willing to go to Maryland to get one (to bring back to Michigan somehow), but luckily I came to my senses.

    One of the things in the SE vs. the GLS which puzzles me is the Trip Odometer, including FCD (MPG readout). Why you can only get this on the SE and not the GLS is beyond me. I'd think they'd want to have this as standard in all of their vehicles. Seriously, how much more does it really cost to have an MPG readout in the instrument cluster?
  10. Ophbalance

    Ophbalance Administrator Staff Member

    I dunno.. how much more does it cost add a darn idiot sound that indicates you left your headlights on? They left that out on the 99, and it's been a pain in my butt for the last 9 years... especially on those foggy mornings ;).

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