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    Took a 50 mile trip today mostly on state two-lane blacktop plus county roads.
    While DWLing, dropping to 50 in a 55, 60+ on the downhill sides, 4 cars behind.
    First car, a Mazda crossover, generally 1/8 mile or more back.
    Two cars close behind the Mazda.
    Then way back was Bubba in a big Dodge Ram, looked like he was DWLing too,
    maybe trying to squeeze out 17 mpg.
    I could have kissed both the Mazda driver and Bubba!

    Things are improving (albeit slowly here in central TX).

    38.5 mpg lifetime avg on brand new Corolla before discovering car's multi-information display (MID) yesterday
    39.0 mpg lifetime avg after today's above-mentioned trip using MID, w/passenger (SWMBO) and AC full
    blast (per SWMBO). I am still nursing frostbite.

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