How can you do this in NJ?

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by NJUser, May 24, 2008.

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    I have rarely discussed a previous job where I endured a screaming supervisor...essentially he did the equivalent of me flying senselessly past the pack on I95 :eek: Can't tell you how many times the efforts we senseless in a Dilbertesque fashion...this former boss reminds me a lot of the reckless drivers that are "saving time" - right
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    Hey Vooch, I worked at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory for a couple of years. Loved that area. Where are you working?
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    Hey NJuser - Just a couple of notes as a local NJ GSP commuter who is active 'round here:

    1) As a ~74 mile /day GSP commuter I have maintained ~ 55mpg lifetime average with my car (or ~10% above EPA figures :) ). And I go the speed limit, or a bit above and don't seem to frustrate anyone behind me. So it is totally feasible to safely hypermile in NJ.

    2) I don't generally make the assumption that the left lane is the fast lane, at least coming up to and during congestion/accidents. That has worked well for me. By doing that I notice that my commute is less stressful, less jarring with sudden stops-and-starts, and not really any slower.

    It took me some time to get over the concern that I was holding people up. But eventually I started to accept that there is ample opportunity for speeders to pass me on the freeway, and it is not my responsibility to facilitate them.

    Best wishes, and don't be shy about saving money on your gas bills!
  4. WRXTeamDFL

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    It is hard getting over the feeling that you're holding people up. I still feel a little guilty.
  5. Chuck

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    But the ones that feel held up should be feeling silly. :p
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  6. kwj

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    rdprice64, you say: "Sorry to disagree, but I think it's harder to convert them if we alienate them." and you are so right.

    It's comfortable, here, for all of us to speak our minds, and we do. But you have a good point that one of our efforts is to facilitate hypermiling in our visitors. That takes a bit of care that we sometimes forget. Thanks for the reminder. I'll keep a better eye on my outbursts.
  7. hobbit

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    Oh, hey, I forgot to mention: we're having a little event in
    NJ in another week and a half. Check out the "21st century
    automotive challenge" PDF under the NJ EEVC site, and c'mon out
    and join the fun. The roads on the route are likely to be a
    bit less utilized than the GSP and such, however...
    [I'm still trying to get information about accomodations...]
  8. lightfoot

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    Me too. Until ca 3 years ago I used to drive at 80-85mph all the time. It was very hard to change. Cruise control set at 60mph was the first step.
  9. laurieaw

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    the question i always come back to is.......why is it assumed that we are holding people up if we are going the speed limit? look at it from the other side....people are trying to force US to go faster. is that any different?
  10. basjoos

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    More like, people are trying to force US to join them in driving illegally.
  11. PTDixieGal

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    Hey laurie and basjoos,

    Good points.
  12. NJUser

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    Hey everybody. Sorry it took so long to get back to the forum. I just wanted to say that I have tried the hypermiling method here in New Jersey. Well I did it. I tried my hypermiling, stayed in the right lane like everyone said, tried to save my gas mileage and guess what?? I GOT REARENDED! $8500 in damage to my car. I am out of work for 2 weeks so far and it's gonna cost me over $1000 out of pocket after it's all said and done. Remarkably I was able to drive the car home from the accident and people basically ran me off the road when they knew there was alot of obvious damage to the car. I'm telling you, people here have no consideration and no patients. I'm sorry to be Mr. Negative on the forum when so many are trying to do better (and I gave it a fair shot) but I wish I could all take you on a ride in the car with me to see how these people are. You just have no idea and this is why I had the opinion that I did. I'd love to take a video of what I see every single day on the road so you guys understand what I am talking about. So you know, I'm 34 years old. I'm not some kid just getting his license and I'm not some elderly person complaining about everything. Is there a way to post a video on here so you guys would know what I am talking about? I'm still new to this forum stuff so I don't know all the stuff I can do with it yet. Thanks for listening.
  13. xcel

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    Hi NJUser:

    ___I am shaking my head and thinking why were you not paying attention to what was coming up from behind? The max differential should have only been 15 mph in the far right lane tops! How a 15 mph collision from the rear could have caused $8,000 + worth of damage is also a head shaker? A 15 mph differential is less than you would encounter in a WalMart parking lot so I would have to assume your Walmart’s are loaded with similar accidents as well :(

    ___Upload a YouTube of the traffic and we can embed it with flash tags if you would like. Wrt the traffic, NJ is no different than LA, Chicago, NY City or anywhere else all of us drive on a daily basis. At least that is not what I saw of NJ the two times I have driven through the corner of it on the way into and out of NY City the past two weeks?

    ___As an edit, do you have some pics of your wreck because of the manner in which you entered the forum about being unsafe and such and than you get into an $8,500 wreck with a minimal differential even if the rear ender never hit the brakes and you are eager to post a vid with the traffic but did not even think to post a pic of the horrific wreck? Leave the date and time stamp on your camera so it shows on the pic as well. Since it is in the garage, you could even snap a pic tonight or first thing in the morning, right? We've got some experienced body guys on the forum that should be able to deduce a differential speed from the rear end collision pics. I hate to sound insensitive but its best to show us the aftermath than post vids of traffic many of us see day in and day out?

    ___Good Luck

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  14. kwj

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    NJUSER, where did this happen? Since I'm often in NJ and will be working north of Newark, I'd like to avoid this particular road.

    That's a shame. Was it just the two cars, or were more involved? Was anyone injured? Who got charged with the accident, you or the guy who hit you?

    I got rear ended in Connecticut, hit and run, back a few decades ago. Of course I was not hypermiling back then. What was it about Hypermiling that you believe caused your accident?
  15. Vooch

    Vooch Well-Known Member

    Wow - That is a shame, but I drive NJ Route One every day and never, ever have an issue.

    I also am on the NJ Turnpike and also never have had an issue.
  16. NJUser

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    Hey excel. Are you kidding me or something? Now you're going to try to make the accident my fault by not paying attention to what's behind me? That is the job of the person behind me. Ask any officer. I'm supposed to pay attention to what is in front of me. Now if I hit someone because I was paying attention to what was behind me then you'd say I wasn't paying attention and that I was doing something wrong anyway. The person who hit me didn't realize I was in the right lane because the other lanes were moving much faster and thought nobody was there. He was trying to pass on the right and by the time he got in my lane it was too late because HE was moving to fast. I understand that there are other big cities like LA and such with traffic problems. I've been to califonia on the freeways too. It's worse than here I'm not denying that. The only way this is going to work here is if a majority of drivers do it, they make it a law, or why not make a hypermiling lane on major highways like they used to do for car pooling? Wouldn't that help? I'll work on getting the pics up to show you guys. The car is already in the body shop apart but I'll see what I can do. But here's the thing. When you look at the pics and figure out that what I said holds water, does this mean I'm right or is it you'll just find something else for me to be at fault for?
  17. NJUser

    NJUser Member

    Anyone in NJ......What time are you on the roads and what roads do you take? I am basing my thoughts on the Garden State Parkway between mile markers 82-127. I'm on the road at 5:45 a.m. - 7:00 a.m. and coming home at 3:15 and getting home roughly a little longer than and hour after that. I do see the problems on side roads and minor highways too but that's another story. Just curious where others are basing their travel stories on. Thanks
  18. NJUser

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    Here is a pic from the body shop of the car. They already took it apart.
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  19. lightfoot

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    Relax. Nobody is saying that you're at fault. Details would be helpful for us to figure out how to change methods to avoid having this happen again.

    Exactly where did this happen?
    What time of day?
    If at dawn, dusk, or night, did everybody have their lights on?
    How fast do you think traffic was going?
    How fast were you going?
    How fast do you think the guy who hit you was going?
    What vehicle do you have?
    What vehicle was he driving?
    Were you in the far right lane?
    Were you to the far right side of the righthand lane?
    Any other details you think would be helpful?

    Probably the other guy is at fault legally. But if you don't want to get hit again it would be a good idea to look behind you as well as ahead no matter what speed you're driving. And to both sides as well. Because humans make mistakes so we have to watch out for each other. If you are going slower than the rest of traffic it just makes sense to watch behind a bit more carefully than if you are going faster than everyone else.
  20. hobbit

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    And we should once again emphasize that proper hypermiling and
    related behavior makes you much more aware of surroundings
    in ALL directions, as well as motion dynamics and impending
    conditions. Example: even when sitting still at a light I'm
    keeping an eye on the rearview, so if someone seems to be coming
    in fast I can blink the brake lights a couple of times to help
    wake them up...

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