NEWS REPORT: Hypermiling in Columbia, SC

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by ascribe2thelord, May 21, 2008.

  1. ascribe2thelord

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    This just in: Hypermiling is on the news ... in South Carolina!

    And it's an A++ report.

    WIS-10 just did a report on the hypermiling exploits of one Columbia resident. The most unlikely of hypermilers, an FSP/SUV driver, was quoted talking about how he did without A/C, always kept to the speed limit, drove "like a roller coaster" (DWL) and slowed down to coast through red lights. They did not delve into the more expert techniques like P&G, FAS, ridge riding. Neither did they bother to mention his actual mileage, but the guy did say that it was at least better than the EPA, which is our definition of hypermiling. The only problem was that his friends wouldn't drive with him due to the A/C being off, meaning that these other people are using extra gas.

    (At least I turn the A/C on when passengers request it.)

    Considering the media's history of reporting on hypermiling, it was overall a very positive report. Not a single trooper was called up to explain why this or that is illegal or dangerous. No mention of drafting semis, coasting downhill with the engine off, or (shudders) drafting semis while coasting downhill with the engine off.:)

    Who knows? Maybe it'll start a trend.
  2. laurieaw

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    is there an online link to the feature?

    i wonder if they didn't mention the drafting, etc., because he's driving an SUV?

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