Prius - Chicago to New York on a single tank Wayne's Progress

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by bestmapman, May 19, 2008.

  1. diamondlarry

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    I'm not completely sure but there is probably a limit on how many can be daisy-chained together. Maybe 3 or 4? Anyone else know?
  2. Dan

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    Answer is 2... more on the answer in the [post="98571"]SG-hack thread here[/post].

  3. bestmapman

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    For those interested, I updated the map in the first post to show the finish. This can be downloaded in my picture gallery, as well as the progress maps if anyone wants them.

    Also the elevation profiles are there as well.
  4. Linda

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    My hotel last night didn't have Internet -- boohoo -- nor did it have an alarm clock (what can you expect for $50 amidst the $120 rooms?) so I didn't get to see the finish ... but Wayne, way to go! Congrats, man!
  5. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    Wayne just called with the final numbers he just broke to seal and filled up.

    Wayne's car: 69.942 MPG 793 miles 11.338 gal. MFD 70.2
    Benno's car: 39.341 MPG 803 miles 20.411 gal. MFD unknown (reset)

    Some additional notes:

    1) Wayne arrived at the destination with 71.0 showing on the MFD and 2 PIPs
    2) He then drove around for another two miles for the camera/film crew and had to shut down and restart 5 /6 times. The MFD was at 70.9 and 1 PIP.
    3) He dropped to car off at a parking garage. It was the type where you give them the keys and they move the car around as needed. When he filled, it was about 2 miles to the gas station, and the car had an additional 6 miles on it and a flashing PIP. WOW, they must have big parking garage to put 6 miles on the car in 24 hours. Think of all the S1 warm-up cycles it went through.
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  6. ALS

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    What is amazing is for those three extra hours, Wayne only used 55.55% of the fuel used in Benno's car.
  7. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    Herre are the time nunmbers:

    Wayne left at 7:15 AM he made four stops 2 Bathroom breaks at 8114 ODO and 8273 ODO also stoped for the film crew and waited 15+ minutes at a rest area 15 miles passt the Ohio/Penn state line. The film crew road with him for abot 50 miles and he stopped at another rest area 65 miles into Penn. to let them off. He arrived at the Manhattan shore at 10:15 and it took another 1/2 hour to reach hils destination.

    All told 15.5 hours driving 51.2 MPH average
  8. lightfoot

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    So was Benno's time still 14 hours? If so does this mean it took Wayne only 1.5 hours longer rather than 3 hours longer?

    I suppose gas stops should be added in (1 or 2 for Benno, none for Wayne) but not the time for video crew and bathroom breaks?

    This is an amazing comparison.
  9. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    The arrival times are the same. 15.5 hours is actural time on the road.
  10. xcel

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    Hi All:

    ___Thanks for wishing me on as it felt like 4,000 CleanMPG members were pushing me down the road and blowing the winds in the right direction! Thank you all :D

    ___Of all the people I have to thank … Oh boy … Elizabeth Bacelar and the multiple crews from CBS News. Shannon Raby from Toyota Motor Corp who put the two Prius’ in our hands. Dan Bryant and his knowledge of the SG-II X-Gauge coding. Being able to see in real time the gallons consumed, SoC, Tank FE and current FE as X-Gauges on one ScanGauge and the std. IGN and TPS (Super Highway Mode), iMPG and RPM on the other was all thanks to his previous work. Jud, Sean and Larry for their support and encouragement. Especially Jud with the weather updates and a nice set of elevation maps.

    ___A short story that would pale in comparison to Jud’s but possibly noteworthy? The highest point on I-80 approximately 520 miles out was an interesting example. I slowed coming into the crest to about 20 mph. I started a std. Prius - ICE-Off glide and placed her in N for a Warp Neutral Glide for the ride from 2,200 to 1,100’. Oh boy did she take off. The slope was allowing a steady 52 – 58 mph but a stretch near the bottom steepened and she was pushing into the low 60’s. To keep from breaching the 62 mph hard ceiling and forcing me into a Warp Stealth or standard Regen just yet, I opened up all the windows and even had to hang my coat out the driver’s side window while attached to my hand to keep me from breaching 62 mph (MG1’s 10K RPM limit). Papers were swirling around inside the car like a light hurricane had blown in and I was thinking at that very moment that this is nuts! It was nuts now that I think about it :) but it allowed the Prius to hold that glide a little while longer until the very end of the downhill at a nice and leisurely 45 mph with a little regen to bring the SoC back over 58.5 before having to fire her back up and continue on our way.

    ___The trip home was not nearly as fun as we had head winds and rain along with two very tired drivers that wish we had plane tickets back ;) We dropped one of the vehicles off in Detroit early this morning and Ken drove the rest of the way to his home. I finally got home about 07:30 AM myself.

    ___What was it like? Like running on fumes from the time I started the car in Chicago to the time I hit the Manhattan sky line! If any of you ever get the chance to do something like this, go for it as it will prove to be a lot of fun. Also, I just had the chance to not only read this thread but view the vid’s and can you imagine what the air time was worth to Toyota?

    ___Now we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming …

    ___Good Luck and thank you all for the encouragement and support.

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  11. ericbecky

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    Thanks for making the cmpg community shine.
    We look foward to seeing you (and others) participate in more events like this one.
  12. Xringer

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    "can you imagine what the air time was worth to Toyota? "

    As I said before, there is gonna be a stampede at the Toyota showrooms after this.
    The way I see it, they couldn't get any better advertising.

    Glad you had fun. (Since that trip looked like a lot of work to me)!
  13. bestmapman

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    I'm starting to hear rumors of a "Coast to coast on a single tank run"
    It would be San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL.
  14. Dan

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    Is there an axillary 15 gallon tank in the Insight that I don't know about? GoogleMaps puts it at 2,300 miles. Don't see it happing with less than 20 gallons.

  15. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    There is another option. It would involve relay teams and be rather complicated as to the route and logistics. It will take a while to put together, and require a lot of volunteers. So if anyone along the southern route is interested, stay tuned. Wayne and I came up with a way to do it while we had long hours to think it through on the Lacey trip.

    Stay tuned, I don't want to divulge to much at this point, as it will require some outside help.

    Let me just say that it will be BIG.
  16. hobbit

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    Mad Max barrel tanks in the back stuffed in over the IMA box!
  17. mparrish

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    Hey, a marathon down south! Count me in for assistance.

    Since we are brainstorming marathons, I've always thought a "Drive Across Texas on one tank" would be a fun one.

    It's 820 miles. But an elevation drop of nearly 3500 feet from El Paso to Shreveport makes it more than doable in a Prius, as Wayne has already shown. Plus it has good headline potential.

    Also, somebody needs to drive an Insight from Mexico to Canada on one tank. 1200 miles as the crow flies plus a 2000+ foot drop means approx 110mpg? Who's up for it? :) That one might come up a little short. Oh well.
  18. PaleMelanesian

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    Ha! I just tried a route from Mexico to Canada on Google maps - it switched the display from miles to KM! 1600 miles, though.
  19. ALS

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    San Diego to Jacksonville is 2,337 miles. Wayne would have to stop twice for fuel in the Prius. He should have at least three gallons left in the tank. :D
    It would take 32 to 33 gallons to cross the country.

    How about an east coast run between Grand Isle, Maine and Key West, Fl. 2090 miles
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  20. lightfoot

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    Could do it with less using an Insight, but probably better impact to do it with a Prius or a HCHII because those are current production (said regretfully as an Insight owner!!!).

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