02 mazda Protege5 needs help!

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by ctpro5, May 19, 2008.

  1. ctpro5

    ctpro5 New Member

    Hi all. I have a Protege5 wagon with the auto transmission. The car has a 4 cyl,2.0 engine.
    The best MPG i got was like 22MPG city hwy mix. with NO USE of the A/C, prolong idle, fan,or opening of windows. normally i get like 18-20 MPG with some A/C. also i drive like my grandmother, so i really don't know what else i can do to bump up my MPG.

    here's some info on my car:
    2002 mazda protege5 auto with 42,000 miles. Mobil1 oil+ATF, New air filter, tires to 38PSI,ngk GP plugs.
  2. Vooch

    Vooch Well-Known Member

    First steps:

    1) pump up tires to MAX sidewall (44 PSI ? 50 PSI ?) - there is a thread here with a poll on how much people pump 'em up. Its illuminating, some are running 65 PSI, so max sidewall is safe.

    2) get a scangauge or iFCD - you'll be amazed at how the feedback will improve you milage.

    3) DWL

    4) DWB

    once you have these techniques down - go to the more advanced ones listed here

    welcome and good hypermiling
  3. aca2983

    aca2983 Well-Known Member

    I had one of those. Great car! The auto really takes a hit on MPG.

    Another thing to note is tires. When I replaced the OEM tires on mine with Bridgestone G009's, the MPG went down. When it's tire shopping time again, you may want to do your homework and try to find something to fit it that has lower rolling resistance.

    Also, if you have not done it, remove the roof rack if you don't use it. That would probably make a difference.
  4. sailordave

    sailordave Well-Known Member

    According to www.fueleconomy.gov, you should be getting better than 20mpg. The original mpg ratings for your car is 25city/30hwy and 27 combined. With the new EPA testing, the ratings are now 22city/28hwy and 24 combined. Perhaps it isn't so much how you drive but where you go and how many are riding with you. Do you use drive thru ATM, banking, or fast food? Avoid anything drive thru. If you have to do drive thru then turn the car off. How much junk do you have in the back? Extra weight drops your mpg and that includes having a few of your friends and family riding with you. Do you drive in "stop-n-go" traffic? Try to plan your trip around that kind of traffic or leave home earlier to try to avoid the rush. Buy a tire pressure gauge and a portable air compressor that plugs into your car's outlet. Use these to check and maintain proper tire pressure at a minimum. When approaching a stop sign or stop light begin coasting early if traffic allows for this activity. Some areas could be dangerous to do this depending on the nature of the other drivers on the road. Use cruise control as much as possible. If you enjoy your Protege5 but need to replace it then look at the Kia Spectra5. It's almost a carbon copy of the Protege5.
  5. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Mileage that low suggests something is wrong with the car. You might check on the O2 sensors.
  6. ctpro5

    ctpro5 New Member

    Thanks all for your GREAT Advice. I pumped my tires to 50 PSI today, we'll see how this tank do.
    My car is always empty.just sometimes excessive idle from traffic here in NYC.
    i want to check the o2 senser, but currently no check engine light.

    also can someone tell me what exactly does the Scangauge do? and how it helps MPG. Thanks all!!!!
  7. Vooch

    Vooch Well-Known Member

    NYC !

    in the city ? or the boros ?

    I live on the Upper West Side and it is brutal trying to hypermile.

    Try P&G and Shut off engine at traffic lights.

    You are going to need the master's help XCEL- He has done a bit of hypermiling in the City and knows the subtle tricks. Send him a note.
  8. MPGfan

    MPGfan New Member

    I have an '03 Protege 5 with 68k miles and I got around 30 mpg on my last tank (or went 330 miles before I put 11 gallons in it). I regularly change my oil. My tires need to be checked, but they're around 30 psi.

    I, on the otherhand weigh in at 225 lbs, so if I could only lose about 40 lbs, my milage could probably increase from there.
  9. MPGfan

    MPGfan New Member

    I forgot to mention that my vehicle is has a standard transmission.
  10. ctpro5

    ctpro5 New Member

    Today i filled up my car. i think this is the BEST MPG i got so far living here in NYC.

    294.90 MILES @ 12.538 gallons. 80% City driving.

    Thanks all for your advise. Hope next tank be even better!!
  11. Vooch

    Vooch Well-Known Member

    Well done - I simple get killed driving in the City, are you shutting off the engine at lights ?
  12. ctpro5

    ctpro5 New Member

    Only if i they are more than 30 seconds.

  13. Jaral

    Jaral Well-Known Member

    I am told that modern fuel-injected engines only use the equivilent of about 6-8 seconds of fuel to do a warm start. Even shutting off at a 10 second light may give enough gain to be worth the starter wear. Im getting to the point that I spend nearly as much time with the engine off as on. :D Of course that could be excessive...

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