Jerk of the Day - May 17, 2008

Discussion in 'Hero and Jerk of the Day' started by lamebums, May 17, 2008.

  1. lamebums

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    Jerk of The Day

    ...because every jerk thinks they are...Special!

    Sighted by: lamebums, diamondlarry, lyekka
    Vehicle: Jud in his red Prius-II
    Place: US 27 in Ft Thomas, KY
    Date: May 17, 2008, ~3:30 PM

    It was my turn to do the mileage competition and I was doing quite well for myself, in fact, driving diamondlarry's Prius-II (his tires are up to 84 PSI! :eek:). I had a minute or so head start on Jud, and I was minding my own business doing uh...about 16 in a 35 and here comes this red Prius with three guys in it, and man, I swear, he was blazing. He must have been doing at least 30. :p

    He got within six inches of my butt before backing off a bit. Hadi was egging him on to use the horn (mercifully he decided not to use up his SoC in such a wasteful way).

    He still kicked the hell out of me though. I got 150 MPG, he got 167. :D

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  2. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North


    hey, don't feel bad. we had a meeting here in minnesota today, too (details forthcoming in another post). i had set up the course, and the second time around it, wayne was ahead of me. i passed him in order to make sure everyone caught the turn at the top of the hill. i think i was going 45 when i went by him.
  3. GardenWeasel

    GardenWeasel Well-Known Member

    I dunno, but that red color does look kinda hot-rod (ish)! :Banane05:
  4. kev

    kev Member

    Hey can anyone tell me if I can put a class 3 hitch on my prius so I can tow my boat to the shore? Its gotta get better milage than my truck wich is what I normally use.

    Thanks, Kevin
  5. moneysaver

    moneysaver Well-Known Member

    Would it be the drafing effects ? Just a guess. Auston may be u can do the same next time aroud by drafting him. One rare sight......two Prii drafting a heck out of each more thing 84 PSI.......Isn't that thing gonna blow?
  6. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    Drafting? At 16 MPH? :D

    As to the tires. Tell DiamondLarry about that. It's his tires. One of these days, it will detonate, and we'll hear it even back in Kentucky.

    "And the rocket's red glare
    The bomb's bursting in air..."

    "And the Prius's blue glare
    The tires bursting in air..."

  7. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    My tires have been at 70+ since October with no "tires bursting in air.":p
  8. lamebums

    lamebums Member

    You'll be the first man on the moon in 30 years. :D

    I tried out a longer course, which includes going further down US 27 to the 471 intersection, down Sunset Drive to Highland Ridge, turning around there and coming back. It's nine miles exactly. (And I got 51.3 MPG with the non-hybrid, which is probably a record for me in the city).

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