Smart Fortwo to be launched in China in 2009

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    Besides future plans inside China, worldwide sales are proving to be a smashing success.

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    Smart Fortwo "original" in China.

    Beijing - The Smart Fortwo will soon be available in China opening up yet another major automobile market to the Smart following the successful launch in the US.

    With the Smart ForTwo’s small stature, it is tailor-made for the increasing number of small car customers in China.

    Dr. Dieter Zetsche said, "In China, too, we are seeing growing customer interest in our high-quality and economical Smart Fortwo. I am sure that many lifestyle-oriented customers in China's cities will soon come to love its unique concept. For in addition to its outstanding safety equipment and the typical smart design, the Fortwo naturally also boasts top quality and reliability."

    "Original" Smart in the Chinese growth market

    China is the world's fastest-growing automobile market and is now the second largest vehicle market overall. Seven million new driving licenses are issued each year in the People's Republic. Another Chinese city attains the size of New York every ten months. Market observers are currently registering strong growth of the micro car and small car segment in China.

    Special variants in Europe …

    In order to further reduce CO2 emissions with petrol engines as well, smart also offers the Smart Fortwo MHD (micro hybrid drive) in Europe. This model features an intelligent start/stop system which achieves fuel economy of 55 mpgUS on the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) with CO2 emissions of just 103g/km on the same at a power output of 71 HP. The Smart Fortwo ED (all-electric drive) is emission-free from the tail pipe and far less polluting from the standpoint of electrical production to wheel than any current automobile powered by an internal combustion engine anywhere. 100 Smart Fortwo ED’s are in road trials in a pilot project in London.

    New Smart ForTwo worldwide sales success

    The Smart Fortwo continues its string of successes. Since the end of March 2007, the new model of the innovative two-seater has been purchased by a total of 100,000 customers, representing a sales increase of more than 80 percent.
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    great niche car - I'd guess they'll sell 10-30,000 here in the US annually
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    Presumably they'll be building another major assembly plant in China, since the current European plant is already running at capacity.

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