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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by Polo Diesel, Apr 19, 2008.

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    Hi everybody, just joined the community. Was searching for tips in increasing my mileage and this seems like a great place.
    I'm driving a '98 model Volkswagen Polo, with a 1.9 N/A Diesel engine.
    For now, the average for this month (50% city center/50% 50mph highway) is around 36mpg US (converted from 6.5l/100km) though with last tank it was 38.5. Hoping to get to 39-40 after I increase the tire pressures (running the standard 33psi now). I'm just concerned that psi would increase some abnormal wear on the tires.
    I'm also still running winter rubber so as soon as I change to summer ones, I should see some slight change also.

    For now I don't use any special techniques, just soft accelerations (though in town this is sometimes not possible on traffic lights) trying to keep under 3000rpm when acceleratin, and never to exceed 4000rpm if i need to get faster to speed. Usually cruising at around 1900-2100rpm.
    I also try to make as long engine brakings as possible (i've read on a Diesel this is better than on neutral as engine braking shuts down the fuel injection).

    I wanted to create a mileage log here, but I see my model is not supported, probably as the Polo was never exported to the US (as far as I know). Anyway I can get around this? I do have the manufacturer's mileage figures (in metric form though) in the user manual.
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    Welcome, Polo Diesel! I'm sure that you will find lots of help here in getting the most out of your VW Polo. Regarding the tire pressure, you should be able to do a search to find threads that discuss this topic better than I can in a few words. That being said, in general, you have no great need for concern regarding abnormal wear due to the way tires are constructed these days. I believe that most folks here keep their tires close to the "sidewall Max" pressure. It's amazing how much further the car will glide with just this one change. Best of luck and happy Hypermiling!

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