Grid charging PHEV Well-To-Wheels CO2 Emission's

These emissions will only decrease as older less efficient plants are replaced by cleaner more efficient plants in the future. Another great advantage to the PHEV is that as it gets older, its emissions actually decrease due to its primary energy supply becoming cleaner! If we transition to a 100% CO2 sequestered Coal burning power plant, renewable energy, or nuclear generated electricity, GHG?s decrease ever further until we are at actually nearing the point of a ZEV or Zero Emissions Vehicle. What?s more, controlling smog forming tail pipe emissions on tens of millions of automobiles is far more costly and harder to do then controlling the smog and GHG emissions of large, centrally located, power plant.

Grid charging PHEV Well-To-Wheels CO2 Emission's
xcel, Mar 6, 2006
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    Mar 6, 2006
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